Who the heck is Brandon?

Husband | Father | Entrepreneur | Adventurer

Hi there,

Thank you for taking the time to check out my site. Here’s a little bit about me and what I do.

I started my first company when I graduated college. I thought I was going to become a “millionaire” by age 25 and launched my business fully expecting it to just take off- it didn’t.  I worked 100hr weeks to grow that company and learned a lot along the way. I sold it just 4 years later and have been building businesses ever since.

My marketing company, goBRANDgo!, works closely with $10-100 million privately held companies that whose owners are in their 50’s and 60’s and looking to make a successful transition in the next decade or so.  We have a team of 15 professionals ranging from programmers and designers to experienced consultants and account managers. Today I spend my time traveling the world via a BMW motorcycle with my wife Adriene, looking for any type of adrenaline filled activity I can find- like diving with sharks or raising our daughter! I work side by side with other entrepreneurs to help them grow their companies and have the fortune of leading a global non-profit that builds entrepreneurs.

goBRANDgo! is a successful and profitable company, but it hasn’t always been this way.  My business partner Derek and I have had our share of setbacks and second guessing ourselves.  We’ve been driven to build a business where people come, “to do the best work of their lives for others doing the best work of their lives.”

My passion and focus on Mission, Vision, and Values has built a company that allows me the freedom and stability to live life on my terms. I have been able to craft a life that serves me and my interests and it’s my passion to show others how they can do the same.  Take a look at my blogs and articles and let me know how I can help you build the life you deserve, not the one that just happens.

Brandon Dempsey is a serial entrepreneur and driving force behind his marketing firm goBRANDgo!, specializing in outsourced marketing services for privately held $10-100 million growth oriented companies. He is also the Chair of EO Accelerator, where he oversees a global program for entrepreneurship. Brandon’s past startup companies include a remote work consulting company, a professional employers organization, a business continuity planning firm and a website development agency which all were either sold or merged into larger organizations. Brandon is a featured thought leader in numerous online and print outlets, such as Forbes, Inc., and Huffington Post. When he isn’t working, he spends his time training for Ironman triathlons and motorcycling through countries around the world. Brandon lives in St. Louis with his wife Adriene, their daughter, and two dogs.

Who Brandon is