Have you ever found something where the more you do it, the more fulfilled you become? The more fulfilled you are, the more passionate you become. This creates what I call a Passion Loop.


The word “passionate” describes how we feel about a certain aspect of our life. People are passionate about their relationships, jobs, kids, moral causes…all sorts of tangible activities and intangible dreams.


I meet with dozens of people each week, and there is a noticeable difference between the ones who are passionate and the ones who are just floating along. The passionate people I meet with are on fire, fueled by something inside them, and actively engaged. Their passion is what they wake up thinking about, spend their time chasing, and crave to share with anyone who will listen.  The passion chasers I’ve met are also the ones who are most fulfilled in life.


Contrast that with the people who are just floating along. These are the people who just want to talk business, rush through our meeting as fast as they can, and try to find a way to sell me something.  You’ve met these people before. They are the people who won’t make consistent eye contact with you, rush through a meeting never making a human connection, and ask for a sale after just meeting with them for 45 minutes. Not so empowergizing, is it?


I recently traveled to Chicago to work with 40 trainers from around the world, teaching them how to deliver the EO-Accelerator program in over 50 cities worldwide–New York, Johannesburg, Shanghai, Berlin, and Mexico City.  It was a huge success! These trainers left the training on fire, pumped up and ready to deliver life-changing content and lessons to growing entrepreneurs.  Then I hopped on a flight to Johannesburg to advocate for Accelerator at the Global Entrepreneurship Congress. I also delivered a workshop on defining your personal Mission, Vision, and Values. These are the activities that make me leap out of bed every day!


Since the time we have on this earth is finite, we should pursue our passions with the power and ferocity of a lion chasing it’s prey (my recent trip to Africa may be influencing my metaphors). An odd thing occurs when you pursue your passion—you get in a loop where the more you pursue your passion, the more fulfilled you are.  The more fulfilled you are, the happier you are.  The happier you are, the more energy you put toward your passion…and the cycle keeps on spinning.


You can always tell when someone is in the “Passion Loop.”  Everything they do seems to bring them more success and more happiness. I have been in and out of several Passion Loops throughout my life, and am currently in one now—my mission of expanding entrepreneurship globally.  Meeting and training entrepreneurs from around the world and gives me an immense amount of energy and fulfillment. The more I do it, the more success I have, and the more success I have the more opportunities open up for me to coach, speak, and train entrepreneurs.  


What are you passionate about in life?  How can you start to integrate that passion into your daily or weekly life?  When you do, I guarantee you are going to feel more energized and excited.  Keep pursuing and living your passion and you will find success and happiness in ways you haven’t experienced before!


PS: While I was away in South Africa, I got to spend time pursuing another one of my passions: exploring the world from the back of a motorcycle. Check out the video here: My Ride Around Cape Town