Little known fact: people LIKE to be sold to. No really, hear me out.


Think about the last time you made a purchase from someone and then went and told all your friends about that person or company and how great they were to deal with? Maybe it was a something small at a quaint little shop or market, maybe it was something big like your home. The common thing is that you interacted with a person and, if you referred them, you probably don’t view them as a “salesperson.”


People hate to be sold to by BAD salespeople, but they love to interact with great salespeople.


What separates the bad from the great? It’s not always their personality — although it can certainly help — most of the time is their process. Rat. Salespeople have a standard process they stick to and make selling look so effortless that everyone is able to get the same level of customer service and information because of this process.

Do you have a process? If not, I’m willing to bet that your customers dictate the price they get, much more than you are able to sell at the value you are providing. I’m also willing to bet that your competitors are growing faster, selling more, and closing more than you. If you do have a process, how simple is it? Does it generate excitement and referrals? Are you able to close at the rate you think you should be able to?


Put simply, a good sales process allows a salesperson to:

  1. Generate more referrals
  2. Close more sales
  3. Spend more time on qualified buyers
  4. Increase the sale potential price point
  5. Build a relationship with your prospect
  6. Control the sales process


The next few posts will be outlining the elements of a sales process. Whether you are selling jewelry or multi year consulting projects, these simple 5 steps will ensure you have a process capable of capturing you and your business or products sales potential.

  1. Take control
  2. Show expertise through questions and uncover the true need
  3. Show them you understand
  4. Connect the dots
  5. Ask for the sale


More to come! Be sure to register for our upcoming seminar on the secrets to successful cold calling and building your sales process!